First Bio-display Gadget for Children

First Bio-display Gadget for Children is something that is combines all, computer, hardware and biological material. Bixels, is a term that is used to describe the biological pixel, which is an 8 X 8 cartridge that is also a digital display. We will even say even more, each fluorescent pixel is programmed with DNA! STEAM educational approach with Bixel, helps combine electronics, coding, biology and a child’s creativity all in one. This interesting item, is one that will allow children to develop their creativity, design and test various biological display ideas.

The Bixel system itself, is very simple, reminds many of the lab grade “plate reader”. An electronic board, helps illuminate the pixels, RGB “NeoPixel” and allows to experiment with different ranges of fluorescent. A mobile phone or a raspicam, help take all sorts of time lapses, as well as control the output of RGB frequencies.

Gadget for Children

Bixel is made with technology that does not pull the molecular machinery out of cells, and therefore it is not prohibited to use outside of a lab. In other words, DNA is copied when RNA polymerase is combined with a circuit element called a promoter. With that it translates a piece of the RNA. A ribosome remains and begins the process, and the amino acid sequences come together to form proteins.

The box with Bixel includes an assembly kit, and everything to develop and create our own bio display, as well as use it as a transilluminator or plate reader. Bixel is a unique and interesting item offered on the Kickstarter platform.