First Android O Beta Version – New Features

Just like last year, quite unexpectedly, Google released the first beta-version of Android O – the brand-new operating system. The number and the official name will be revealed later, after the launch of the final version. This will happen in late-summer or early autumn. Nonetheless, the majority of new features on Android O are already known. Here is a short review of them.

Android O Beta Version – New Features

  • Background limitations – the apps which work in the background mode started getting limits with Android 7.0. Android O want even further. If the app isn’t on but still works in the background mode, it gets shut down. Main focus points are saving more power and prolonging battery life without the user’s interference;
  • Notifications – new notification channels – all of them will be grouped. It’s possible to choose which type of notification the user wants to receive from the app;
  • API Autofill – it allows filling out different forms (passwords, addresses, logins) automatically;
  • A picture-in-picture mode and the support of several displays. The former is similar to such modes on TVs and the latter allows launching apps on connected mobile devices;
  • Adaptive icons – they change dynamically. It means that every manufacturer can create their own design of app icons if they weren’t pre-installed;
  • New Wi-Fi mode – Neighbourhood Aware Networking. It allows connecting to smartphones, tablets or laptops via Wi-Fi. The technology is based on Wi-Fi Aware. Other connectivity options include high-quality Bluetooth audio and Telecom framework;
  • Better navigation with Google keyboard;
  • Better sound with AAudio API. Special for applications which require low-latency and high-performance audio path;
  • Wide colors selection for apps. The support of new profiles, such as AdobeRGB, Pro Photo RGB, and so on;
  • Enhanced WebView.