Fingerprint Password Intelligent Card Smart Door Lock

Improving the security of our homes starts of with the basic. It is important that we have a protective front door and a secure lock that goes along with it. Many break ins occur because it is quite easy to pick a lock and open the door. For that reason, many people switch out the lock to a more advanced one. We have taken a look at an Fingerprint Password Intelligent Card Smart Door Lock and would like to write about it in this review.

The U13 door lock has a zinc alloy panel that also has a stable and advanced circuit board. It is offered in a rose gold color that is stylish and looks very modern. It is about 33.00 x 7.80 x 2.80 cm in size with a weight of 5 KG, making it very durable. This door lock works great for just about any door weather it is wooden, an iron gate or a security door. It is easy to install in homes, hotels, businesses, schools and so on.

 Smart Card Door Lock

U13 Smart Card Door Lock
Rose Gold Color

There are four different ways that this lock can be opened. It has a fingerprint scanner, a password setting for up to six to twelve digits, a card reader and a regular key hole. Being high capacity, one can set up to three hundred fingerprints and three hundred group passwords. As well as that, it can unlock individually with one way or with any two combinations. To add to all that, it has an OLED display that is fully touch screen with high sensitivity. The package also includes three cards, and two spare keys for full convenience.

To conclude with, U13 fingerprint password intelligent card door lock is an advanced way to enhance the security of any building. It is very durable, and breaking in will become much harder with it installed. Installing it is very easy, and the package includes a detailed instruction manual. The price of it might be more on the higher side compared to regular door locks, but it is worth it for the security of your personal space in your home and business.