Popular Laptop Bag Filson Bag for MacBook

American company Filson, famous for its high-quality clothes and bags, is also involved into the mobile accessory market. It offers a selection of different laptop, tablet and other mobile devices. For our review we chose a “legendary” Padded Computer Bag. As every product of this company, this briefcase was made with great attention to details. It’s made of Filson’s trademark Rugged Twill, a wear and water-resistant material. Even handles and a strap are made of premium leather. The strap, by the way, is detachable and can be adjusted according to your carrying preferences.

Inside you’ll find a lot of space for your essentials. The whole room in the briefcase has two compartments: a large one, divided into three parts and a padded one specifically for 15 inch MacBook or other laptops. The organization is complemented with numerous zipper pockets for smaller personal items, like smartphones or various mobile accessories.

This briefcase is perfect for different activities. A working man can put his laptop and papers in it, while travellers may find it surprisingly spacious and very protective. To put it shortly, that’s a perfect bag for everyday use.

So, anybody, who’s looking for a top-quality, durable bag for your laptop and other mobile devices, should absolutely check out the Padded Computer Bag from Filson. Yes, the price is quite steep ($425) but buying this bag is an investment because it will serve you for a long time.

Filson bag for MacBook