Best Selling Durable Electric Bike FIIDO Folding Moped

If you wish to use your bike for shopping, folding bikes aren’t encouraged. Folding bikes are equally as fantastic as regular full-size bikes but they can be kept in tight spaces much simpler. Conclusion Folding bikes aren’t going to be wobbly since you might have heard before. A Folding bike will be simple to ride on an everyday basis and will feel very like a normal bike. Folding bikes are also excellent for commuting, and you may combine it and be even more efficient. If you’re looking for a folding electric bike, you have to look no further than FIIDO D1 Folding Moped Bicycle.

FIIDO D1 Folding Electric Bike Moped
Bicycle E-bike With 7.8AH BATTERY

Best selling Electric Bike FIIDO Folding Moped

Getting around is a difficult task in modern cities due to traffic jams. Well, forget about this with the new FIDO D1 Folding Electric Bike. The E-bike has 3 riding modes to suit your needs. Built-in 7.8 aH Li-ion battery will work for 40km, so you do need to worry about powerless situations. The bike can be easily folded in just 3 steps allowing you to carry it with you.

With the powerful 250W motor, you will be able to go as fast as 25 km/h. For greater convenience, the bike is equipped with smartphone USB holder, power display as well as speed control. The height of the height can be easily adjusted. Equipped with disk brakes, the e-bike will never allow dangerous situations.


    • Built-in 7.8Ah Li-ion battery
    • 3 steps quick-folding
    • Inflatable 14 inch rubber tire
    • Tire with anti-slip texture
    • front and rear tires comes with a durable and efficient disc brake
    • Powerful 250W motor
    • 25km/h max speed
    • gradeability up to 30 degree
    • Aluminum alloy frame
  • 120kg payload

FIIDO D1 Folding Moped Bicycle

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