FHD Home Theater Smart Mini Projector with Tripod

Projectors are items that deliver full handiness and pleasure at home, work or school. Throughout the years, they have progressed to be transportable and high in quality. Variety is definitely large on the market. In this review however, we have taken the Siroflo FHD Home Theater Smart Mini Projector with Tripod, to observe for readers.

Siroflo Mini Projector is accessible on the market in a White/Golden color, trendy, sleek and appealing. It is surely mini, with the size being just 8.00 x 14.60 x 1.70 cm and weighing 254 grams. This makes it stress-free to install, move around and even bring along with you. Although the size is small, this projector can provide with an image size of 40 to 120 inches. Native resolution with this projector is 854 X 480 pixels, while it supports resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels. Such resolution, combined with 100 ANSI lumens and 1000 to 1 contrast ratio, provides with colorful and clear images at all times.

Siroflo Mini Projector with Tripod

Siroflo Smart Mini Projector with Tripod,
100 ANSI 1080P FHD Home Theater

Throw ratio of this Siroflo Mini Projector is 0.3 to 4 meters, where the suggested distance is 2 meters. Speakers are even built into this projector, which makes it handy, since additional ones do not need to be linked. With that being said, the sound will be improved, for full enjoyment of movies and tv shows. Different interfaces are available, such as USB port, power supply, audio port, HDMI in, TF card slot and a couple more. This makes it easy to install it and connect it. An SD card up to 64G is supported, for quickly transmitting different content.

4500mAh batter is installed, providing with plenty of usage time at once. Lifespan of the lamp is up to 30000 hours, which is several years until it needs to be changed out. Remote control is provided in the package, making it easy to switch and adjust just about anything. Tripod is also obtainable, for stability and convenience.

Siroflo Mini Projector is a great item on the market for a reasonable price. It provides with great quality and sound at all times. It is portable, attractive in appearance, and overall one you will enjoy.