Fastest Camera in the World Made in Sweden

Fast-recording cameras aren’t something new today. Of course, they cost quite a lot but every movement on the video can be seen in detail. But how many frames per second is too much? Apparently, cameras are able to reach mind-blowing frequencies and the latest technology from Sweden proves that.

The scientists from the Lund University created a camera that can record footage at the speed of 5 trillion fps. The previous record belonged to Japanese researchers who achieved 4.4 trillion fps.

In order to reach this incredible speed, the Swedes used a non-traditional way of filming. Each frame contains visual information not in one, but in several images. As soon as the recording starts, a laser flashes the object of filming. Each flash is then coded visually to sort out a series of images and put them in a sequence.

Obviously, this technology won’t be used in household but this is a huge breakthrough for scientists. Using this camera, they can capture things that happen for the shortest periods of time. Scientists claim that the camera can actually film light in motion. To give you a perspective, it would take a few hundreds of years to watch 0.3-second-long video recorded by this camera if it’s played at 24fps.