Fast Wireless Charging Pad For Apple Devices

We all know that Iphones tend to die quickly, and need to be recharged quite often. Finding an outlet can be a hassle, and why bother when there are many different technological advances that can provide with much more convenience. The Funxim charging pad is one that can do all that.

This charging pad is one of the first Qi wireless charging stations for the Iphone 8, Iphone 8 plus, Iphone X and the Apple watch. Even better, is that you can simultaneously charge both your mobile phone and your apple watch. Not only does the Funxim support Apple products, it also supports Android devices.

One just needs to place their device onto the pad, even with the case on, and it will charge quickly. This is very convenient and will save space since no cables are needed.

Wireless Charging Pad For Apple Devices

With 80 percent efficiency, this Funxim charging pad will do its task. This charging pad is also quite stylish and unique. It will fit in perfectly with just about any interior design and will even add to the style. As well as all that, it is light in weight, being only 150 grams. This makes it compact and easy to bring along anywhere where it might be needed.

This Funxim charging pad was first introduced on the kickstarter platform. Now it has expanded, reached its goal and has begun its sales. Bring your attention to it, for full convenience, fast charging, and stylish accessory for your Iphone or Android mobile phone or Apple Watch.