Dual Band Wi-Fi Fast Speed Wireless Router

Internet has captured the world, in a way like nothing else has. We live on the internet on the daily basis, and cannot imagine our life without it. In order to have the best internet possible, it is very important that we have a high quality router installed in our home and office. Tenda AC10 Dual Band Wi-Fi 4 Antenna Fast Speed Wireless Router is all that and more! Here’s the review.

It is made especially for home usage, and is about 8.66 x 5.57 x 1.93 inches in size, with a weight of just 0.3500 kg. This makes it very compact and rather easy to install. Dual-band 2.4 GHz plus 5 GHz Wi-Fi provides with a much faster wireless transfer speed than many other routers. The speed can go up to 1167 Mbps, which is outstanding. The Mu Mimo technology that this Tenda wireless router was built with, improves the rate of the network utilization, intelligently distributes the amount of data flow, and helps support the multiple device communication.

Tenda Wireless Router

To add to all that, this wireless router has four 5 dBi antennas, that help provide with a faster and stronger network signal as well as surfing speed. Beamforming technology helps improve the ability of the signal to penetrate different room walls to provide every space with a WiFi signal. The WiFi signal of this router can go up to 300 square meters, large enough to cover just about most homes and apartments.

Tenda AC10 wireless router has LAN and WAN interfaces, where the LAN interface has an 1000 Mbps data rate. The wireless security on this router is WPA, WPA-PSK, WPA2, and WPA2-PSK. In addition, it has a built in VPN, as well as supports Firewall settings.

Tenda AC10 wireless router is a high quality, made to last for a long time item. It will provide the entire home with fast, secure and strong internet signal for all of the favorite web activities such as gaming, movie watching, and just surfing. It is easy to install, and is rather small and neutral colored. Best of all, the price on this item is very affordable. Bring your attention to the Tenda AC10 router!

Dual Band Wi-Fi Fast Speed Wireless Router