Fast Charging MIPOW Powerful Mobile Power Bank

MFI Universal Mobile Power Bank
Capacity of this MIPOW power bank is 9000mAh, with a Li-polymer battery. It charges to the fullest in about 6 to 7 hours, and later provides with plenty of full charges of your device. The output voltage of this item is 2.4A max. Built in, this power bank even has an 8-pin interface cable, for full convenience in charging different Iphone devices beginning from the 5th generation one. A USB port is also provided for connecting any other device, and makes it possible to charge even two gadgets at the same time.
32 laser holes are indicator lights, for letting you know how much charge is left on the power bank. Turning it on is also easy, with just one press of a button. This power bank is also great, that it helps protect your mobile device. Protection such as temperature control, input overvoltage, overcharge, over discharge, short circuit, output overvoltage, and overcurrent are provided.
This MIPOW 9000mAh Fast Charging Powerful Mobile Power Bank is a great item to always have with you. It is small, durable, and powerful. It is will allow you to charge just about any device, that is charged through a USB cable. Bring your attention to this great gadget for full convenience within the day.

MIPOW SPL09 MFI Smart Universal Mobile Power Bank,
1.5A Micro USB input +  2.4A USB output, 9000mAh

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