Facebook VR Headset

Now, most tech companies introduce their developments in VR. There are some interesting examples, like Facebook. Apparently, the social networking company plans to unveil its own VR headset until the end of this year. Plus, it will be an affordable headset that won’t need a smartphone or connection to a powerful PC.

According to Bloomberg, the device, code-named Pacific, will hit the market in 2018. The headset, which is expected to open a new category of devices and popularize VR, will be supposedly twice as cheap, compared to Oculus Rift, developed by the Facebook-owned company Oculus. At the same time, the new headset will be only slightly more expensive than the Samsung Gear VR ($130).

The characteristics of the upcoming device are yet to be revealed. Right now, all we know is that the headset will be mostly used for games, video watching and using of social networks. For example, a relatively compact headset can be taken on a trip to watch movies during the flight.

Presumably, the headset will receive a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, and its production can be entrusted to the Chinese company Xiaomi. Earlier, the former vice president of Xiaomi Hugo Barra moved to Facebook, where he became the head of VR department that includes the Oculus team.