Excelvan Pocket DLP Portable Home Cinema Projector

The technological progress is moving forward very fast. Just a few decades ago it was hard to imagine that a small, pocket size device would be able to store information, search the Internet, use many apps and project images. Is it possible now? Yes! As the technologies have become more miniature and sophisticated, the ability to project data and video anywhere we want also became real. In this review let’s take a look at one of great portable projectors: Excelvan 100WM Pocket DLP Home Cinema Projector.

Pocket DLP Portable Home Cinema Projector

Have you ever wished to watch movies on a big screen at home with good picture quality? Wouldn’t it be fun to make a movie party with popcorn and sweets for kids? Or would you want to have a romantic movie night with your loved one? All this is possible with this amazing projector. It has good picture quality with 854*480-pixel resolution, the screen size is up to 200 inches and the projection distance from 0.15 to 4 meters. A 2000mAH built-in battery allows to watch movies in active mode more then 2 hours without charging. The projector supports multiple ways of conveying information: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Miracast, also it has HDMI/USB/SD card slots. Built in speakers make it very convenient to use the projector anywhere without worrying about finding extra speakers.

Excelvan 100WM Pocket

Modern multimedia technologies are also tending to be multifunctional, and Excelvan 100WM Pocket DLP Home Cinema Projector is not an exception. Android software and 8G memory make it able to download various applications such as YouTube, micro office, Facebook, twitter, Netflix etc.

Are you a manager, marketing director, sales manager, a teacher or jus a student with a need of making many presentations? Or you are a a performance or party organizer? Do you have to carry USB flash card with your work to the meetings and make sure there is a projector there? Well, good news! “Excelvan” can ease your worries. This multifunctional gadget is very useful for business presentations, office work, parties and performances and can substitute a USB memory cad and a projector.

The projector is very user friendly, although all function buttons located on a sensitive touch pad and, to tell the truth, are very smooth and small. It may be difficult to enter email for registration or password to your wifi. If it is so, you can use any wireless remote control or keyboard connected through USB.

Overall, Excelvan 100WM Pocket DLP Home Cinema Projector is more of a small computer/android tablet/ phone and project images on top of everything.

Excelvan DLP Portable Home Cinema Projector