Wifi Phone-Charging Outdoor Solar-Powered Bluetooth Speaker

There are several innovative wireless speakers in the market these days, but not one of them are able to beat the Eton rugged portable speaker. The speaker also enable you to charge your mobile phone. That’s what you desire a rugged speaker for. To start with, it’s a portable speaker that you are able to carry anywhere to listen to enhanced music. This is a Water Resistant outdoor portable speaker.
Eton solar-powered Bluetooth speaker is a great and original gadget that will not only make music more enjoyable but also ensure that you are more sustainable. The unique speaker features the High efficiency mono crystalline solar panel which serves as the power source for the gadget. Moreover, the WiFi device can charge the smartphone on-the-go or even when you are listening to the music.
Outdoor Solar-Powered Bluetooth Speaker

The battery has enough capacity to let you enjoy the tunes for 8 hours straight. Moreover, 2 full range stereo speakers will be able to make your music time more enjoyable. The rugged and water resistant design makes the Bluetooth speaker more durable and reliable. The LED indicators will provide a nice overview of whether the WiFi device is connected or not. Finally, in case you want to connect via wires, you can use the special port. At the right time of writing, this extraordinary solar powered speaker is selling at an extremely great price, and therefore don’t neglect to take a look!