ParcSlope Laptop Ergonomic Stand for MacBook and iPad

Every time you sit in front of a computer or a laptop, you have to make sure that everything is positioned correctly. This, of course, includes your body but also the device itself. You may have heard about such thing as ergonomics – this is when products or processes are designed to make interactions between people and devices more healthy and productive. For example, if you’re typing on a laptop, it must be placed comfortably. And the following product review will help with that. This is ParcSlope by Twelve South – Laptop Ergonomic Stand for MacBook and iPad.

ParcSlope is an ergonomic stand made specifically for MacBook and iPad Pro. The stand does basically one thing – it elevates your laptop at a comfortable viewing height. If you’re used to working on desktop computers but you have to use laptops sometimes, ParcSlope is a perfect solution. The screen will be positioned at the same level with your eyes, which is, in fact, how it’s supposed to be. Plus, if you’re a lucky owner of the latest MacBook Pro, you’ll have a great experience working with the Touch Bar.

Ergonomic Stand for MacBook

Despite lifting the screen of your MacBook, the keyboard is still within your reach. Actually, the stand places your laptop in an 18-degree angle. This is an ideal position for people who spend much time typing. Your hands won’t get too tired while seamlessly “flying” over the keyboard.

Lastly, ParcSlope is a fantastic choice for the users of 12.9-inch iPad Pro. No matter if you use the touchscreen keyboard or an additional wireless one, the 18-degree angle holds your iPad just how you need it to. This might be a really nice accessory for artists who draw sketches on their tablets. With ParcSlope, drawing becomes extremely comfortable and your wrists don’t get sore after long sketching sessions.

So, ParcSlope by Twelve South is an excellent organizational accessory for both home and work use. Wherever you are, with ParcSlope makes comfort a permanent guest at your desk.

Ergonomic Stand for MacBook and iPad Pro