Ergonomic And Comfortable HelloEar Arc Earphones

Today, a lot of people still use traditional earphones. There are even older models hardly go into your ears, whereas in-ear models are usually made in one size or in a quite ordinary small-medium-big combination. However, we’ve found a wonderful product which will fit anyone – HelloEar Arc earphones.

This audio accessory was designed with maximum comfort in mind. You can wear these earphones all day and they won’t hurt your ears or fall out of them. They are actually custom-made. To get a customized product, you need to take a photo of your ear with a coin and the rest is done by a special hi-tech ear recognition system. As a result, every user gets a product according to his own measurements.

There are 3 key points why these earphones are an excellent choice for everyone. Firstly, as we’ve mentioned already, they are insanely comfortable. Every model is different and it adapts to any bends of your ears. Plus, your ears will be able to “breathe” because the earphones are made of silica gel.

Secondly, the sound is amazing. The built-in speaker was made by the company Sonion, so the audio performance is deep and well-balanced, with no distortion at higher volumes, clear lows and rich, juicy bass. With their small size, Arc earphones will surprise even keen music enthusiasts.

And thirdly, the earphones feature a very innovative design with two available versions: typical option with a jack to connect to a smartphone or a wireless option. By the way, all the spare details can be purchased and replaced without having to buy a new model.

Manufacturers say that in the future they plan to add GPS and health data tracking to the product, so the future of the product is quite bright. So far, HelloEar Arc have already gained some popularity on Kickstarter.
Official video by HelloEar Earphones: