Best Selling Environmental Kid Balance Tricycle Bike

It is essential to keep our small children busy with diverse games and devices. It helps them develop and have a great time, and provides with a bit of free time for the parents. Wanting a bike for your child but do not know what kind you get? Well then you have come to the right place. In this review, we closely observe features of one of the best selling the Xiaomi Youpin  TF1 Deformable Dual Mode Kid Balance Tricycle Bike with International Shipping.

This deformable dual mode bike by Xiaomi is made to be ideal for children from 18 to 36 months in age. In size, this bike is about 60.00 X 50.00 X 50.0 CM with a weight of 5 kilograms and 300 grams. It is adjustable to a height of 80 to 120 CM, with a weight barrier of 20 kilograms.

Made out of environmentally friendly PP material, this bike is safe for children, also combined with the strong metal structure. It has no small parts as well, and no sharp edges. All of them are rounded. Front wheel has a design that is made to be anti-slide, and the wheels are actually fully covered, which helps prevent hands and feet from get stuck in them.

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One unique feature, is it has different modes that are made to be changed depending on what the child wants or the different learning stages that the child is going through. The bike can have either two wheels, for the children who are just beginning to learn to handle their balance, or three wheels for those who are just learning to ride.

Assembling and disassembling it is rather easy to do. The seat can be adjusted by two centimeters, and the handle by 30 degrees for comfortable riding. If the bike needs to be washed, it can easily be done. The package also includes a set of stickers, so each child can make it individual and unique.

Xiaomi Youpin TF1 Deformable Dual Mode Bike is one that all children and parents will come to love. It is durable, safe and fun! Offered in several different colors, and sold for the best price, this item is one to look into.

Xiaomi Dual Mode Kid Balance Tricycle Bike
with International Shipping

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