Enjoy Music Streaming With Garmin Smart Watches

There are plenty of great fitness trackers on the market right now, each of which cater to different users with different needs. Just need to keep an eye on your daily activity levels? Maybe the … Garmin has been beefing up its smartwatch lineup in recent years and a big part of that has to do with the addition of music services, such as Amazon Music, Deezer, iHeartRadio, and everyone’s favorite, Spotify. If you want to get Spotify up and running on your Garmin smartwatch, we’ve got all the details.

This one seems obvious, you’ll need a Garmin watch with music capabilities. Once you have a compatible Garmin smartwatch, you’ll also want to make sure it’s connected to a Wi-Fi network. To connect your device to Wi-Fi, open Garmin Connect on your phone, select your device on the top of your screen, select General, then select Wi-Fi Networks. From here, you can input your Wi-Fi network name and password.

Also you’ll need a Spotify Premium account to access playlists on your Garmin device. To connect your Spotify account to your Garmin device, you’ll need the Spotify smartphone app installed on your smartphone. Download it on the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

Next, you’ll need the Garmin Spotify app installed on your Garmin smartwatch. Download the Garmin Spotify app from the Connect IQ store here, or open the dedicated Connect IQ app on your phone and search for the Garmin Spotify app from the search box. Once the app is installed on your device, you should see a message on your Garmin watch that reads “Music provider added! To access: Hold DOWN.” You can simply press the down button to dismiss the alert.

Go back to the Garmin Connect app on your phone, and you should see a prompt to log in to you Spotify account or sign up for the service. Tap the login button, input your username and password, and head back to your Garmin smartwatch to select which playlists you’d like to sync to the watch. If you don’t see a playlist that interests you, create a new one in Spotify on your smartphone, then sync it with your Garmin watch.

Before you can start listening, you’ll also need a pair of Bluetooth earbuds to connect to your Garmin watch. Be sure to check out our lists of the best workout earbuds, best true wireless workout earbuds, best earbuds for running, and best workout headphones if you’re in need of a pair.