How to Track your Home’s Energy Consumption with Samsung SmartThings

Samsung proudly announced the launch of the SmartThings Expansion Pack. This means that, in addition to all of existing features, Samsung be able to monitor your whole home for energy efficiency and provide you with insights on how you can improve.

What is Home Energy Monitoring?

Before we dive deeper into the power of Samsung SmartThings, let’s explain the main aspect of it – home energy monitoring. All of the different features Samsung SmartThings is going to introduce with this announcement will be based on this feature.

With smart home energy monitoring, your smart appliances will be able to use sensors to gather data on the level of energy consumption in your home. Once they have done this, your appliances will be able to analyze their usage patterns and if this pattern is inconsistent with the rest of the energy consumption of your house, SmartThings will provide you with insights to help you change the behavior of your appliances.

How SmartThings Works

This pack comes as a result of Samsung becoming the first and only smart home technology company to join the The Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA) Energy Innovation Coalition (EIC). You may be wondering why you would want to do this if you don’t live in a solar-powered home. But as many as 1 in 5 homes in the US and another 5 in 10 globally are “net-energy poor” due to their energy costs exceeding their income.

Many of these homes could see a saving as high as 40% and double the amount of energy they consume. For example, the average household will spend US$2,300 (per year) on energy expenses.

Energy Consumption with Samsung SmartThings

Partners for this Expansion

SmartThings has partnered with some major names in the smart home and energy sectors, including Energate, iControl, Open Energy Alliance, and Smart Electric Power Alliance. With these partners, SmartThings will be able to gather a significant amount of data to help make your home more efficient. All of this data is available for users to review at any time.

Samsung’s Expansion Pack includes the following:

  • Samsung SmartThings Hub
  • SmartThings Wi-Fi Module
  • SmartThings Water Leak & Freeze Detector
  • SmartThings Thermostat

Other Companies

SmartThings is not the only solution out there, however. There are a number of competing products on the market that compete directly with Samsung’s System on Chip (SoC).


Eyes are the windows to the soul and eyes are the windows to the home. EyesEDR aims to improve your home’s energy consumption by predicting power usage.


With this one, you can enable and disable devices on your Samsung smart home appliances.


The eero hub can block Wi-Fi from devices that are not authorized. The eero can also reduce network congestion. It’s important to remember that Samsung smart home appliances have to connect to your Samsung account. For instance, all of the appliances from Samsung SmartThings. Once you’ve created your Samsung account, you’re done with setting up the appliance. Check out the smart home appliances that Samsung has been working on.

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