Elon Musk Came up with a Fastest Transportation Method

Elon Musk might be the biggest tech name of our time and a true visionary in engineering. His futuristic ideas already helped him create Tesla, PayPal and SpaceX as well as other projects, like Hyperloop. Now, it seems like he had another epiphany. During 68th International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide, Musk presented a new, lightning-fast transportation method.

Musk suggested using special rockets BFR (Big Falcon Rockets) which have a blistering top speed of 29 000kmh. At the same time, the rockets can be used plenty of times and will have enough space for passengers. The biggest advantage of this transportation method is its speed – people will be able to get to their destination in about an hour regardless of the distance.

BFR is the latest project of SpaceX. Musk thinks that the first working rocket will be released by the end of this year. According to Musk, BFR flights will cost just as much as regular flights, so they will be beneficial for passengers. Apart from that, BFR are far more economical – they don’t require tons of money for launching.

Besides, BFR will soon replace all SpaceX rockets and Musk will use them for building a station on the Moon and a city on Mars. Already in 2022, he plans to launch two BFR rockets to Mars and start the colonization of the planet.