Stress Relieving Ellipsoid Spinning Physics Egg-Toy

PhiTOP Physics Egg was made specially for people who adore science. The ellipsoid has stress relieving features and, thus, would be great for busy people. So, due to the aluminum mirrored finish and ellipsoid shape, this device will relieve stress and aid in meditation. Furthermore, if you spin the device at high speed, it will demonstrate you an angular momentum.

It is very fascinating to keep watching how the device shifts its position upright. This device, by the way, is a good method to study physics because you will be able to see yourself all the Lissajous figures, electrodynamics, and the gelatinous ellipsoid effect. So, as you can notice, the product will be enjoyed by people of any age. A child will be fascinated by its magic, an adult will relax or try uncovering its secrets.