Elegant Women Smart Bracelet Bluetooth Smartband

In the first place, Y103 elegant heart rate women Multi Sport Waterproof Bluetooth smart Bracelet really stands out with it’s design – no overwhelming decorum, only iPhone-style combination of golden display edging and strap, and a black display. Along with that, the tracker is waterproof and dust proof – enjoy swimming in it, but don’t go diving with this accessory. As for me, this tracker is a little overstuffed with cellphone functions, given the tiny size of the OLED display – good neither for your eyes nor for your work or workout concentration.
Y103 Elegant Women Smart Bracelet
The strap is made of silicone. On one hand, it feels nicely and is pliable, but on the other it may be difficult to get dirt out of the adjusting holes.
In addition to basic pedometer, one can opt for running, table tennis and cycling mode. These may be diverse and alluring to add a couple calories over your daily consumption for the activity, but watch out – all the estimations are approximate. The only exact way to calculate your calorie expenditure is a laboratory test calculating inhaled oxygen and exhaled oxygen. Yet another outstanding feature is vibration alarm – this is really good for your central nervous system, as it doesn’t disrupt you with a loud sound, but mildly prepares to waking up.
In conclusion, Y103 elegant heart rate women Multi Sport Waterproof Bluetooth smart Bracelet may indeed steal the show from ordinary ones. It has compatibly affordable price, stands in line with other trackers spec-wise and boosts a classic, everyday-fitting design.

Elegant Women Smart Bracelet Bluetooth Smartband,
IP67 Waterproof + Heart rate monitor

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