Elegant QI Wireless Pad – Multi Charger for iOS and Android

Mobile devices regularly need to be charged. Some die faster, while others can last for the entire day, but sooner or later it will need to be done. Finding a wall socket can be a difficulty, and why bother with the newest mobile devices, when they are Qi enabled. Qi enabled smartphones can quickly be charged with special devices that do so quickly and hassle free. In this review, we want to review an elegant charging pad to quick charge up to 5 smartphones, the Qi Wireless Charger with 3 Wireless Charging Ports and 2 USB Ports.

This Qi wireless charger is made out of heavy-duty ABS material. It is offered in a couple of neutral colors that are suitable for all and their different likings. In size, this wireless charger is just 27.00 x 8.00 x 1.00 cm with a weight of only 180 grams. Such dimensions make it rather compact and easy to bring along with you on different travels and occasions, where several of your devices might need to be charged simultaneously.

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Three Qi enable mobile devices can be charged at the same time. This includes all of the latest models such as iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone X, Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S6 Edge and many others that you are most likely familiar with. For devices that are not Qi enabled, there are two USB ports provided. Users can also plug in their mobile phones and charge them. This makes it possible to charge up to 5 devices simultaneously! How convenient is that? It sure is! 3 LED indicators are located below the top panel under each “+” spot for Qi devices. They will indicate that your device is currently being charged.

This Qi Wireless Charger with 3 Wireless Charging Ports is an item that you will want to look into. It is convenient for those who have many different mobile devices to charger or for a big company of people. All Qi enabled devices can be charged, as well as those that are not. Do it quickly, stay organized and always have your device powered up! The price is currently the best on yet! Previous users are also enjoying it!

Elegant Charging Pad to Quick Charge up to 5 Smartphones,
Qi Wireless Charger, 3 Wireless Charging Ports and 2 USB Ports

QI Charger for 5 Smartphones