Electricity Saving Power Perfect Box Will Save You Money

21st century is a time where electricity is used the most within the day. Not only is it used for all of the necessary items, such as light, but for charging various gadgets, watching TV and more. As most of us know, paying for our electric bills can be over the budget for our wallets. Saving a bit on electricity is something we would all be glad to do. How to Save electricity and money? Luckily, a great company eleEOS is offering an item that can help you. In this review, we will observe the specs and features of the Power Perfect Box, currently available for the best price.

This perfect power box is offered in several diverse sizes, and starts from a price of 995.00$. Power Perfect Box is one that users quickly and easily install into their power panel at home. Once it is installed, following the detailed instructions manual, it will save you money and provide with a safer environment for your home or business, without needing any maintenance. It is thought through to equally synchronize the different electricity usages, which is made to save energy, provide with robust surge protection, conditioning of the voltage regulating line, correction of the real-time amp reducing phase, and even lower the different negative harmonics.

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The electric and magnetic fields reduction is 60 to 90%. Electric and magnetic fields (EMF), are also known as invisible radiation, which is harmful to our health. Users have noticed, that within one year of use, the kWh and expenses in dollars have lowered by about 15%.

Indirect energy savings where every load receives the needed power conditions, is guaranteed. This makes them work just as it was planned without any interruptions, and it helps increase the work output and input. Demand charges are also minimalized, where the Power Perfect Box, helps not just lower, but spread the consumption between all phases leading to the lowest demand charges.

In addition to that, it eliminates utility penalties. The Power Perfect Box equalizes out fresh electricity, which in the end run, of course is not issue to the different sorts of penalties that are related to the quality of the power. The entire electricity panel in your home, will be sheltered with the Real-Time surge and transient protection.

Power Perfect Box is made to use up all of the energy that is already in the grid, without mining it or burning it. The different sizes that are available, are made for you to choose based on the size of your home or business. For example, if you purchase and install the single phase Power Perfect Box, it is made to be suitable for a building of up to 3000 square feet, if your home or business is more than that, let’s say, 5000 square feet, then you should obtain the Power Perfect Box HD. Since it is rather compact in size, this perfect power box can easily be brought along with you, to place in your new location.

With all that being said, reduce your electric bills, have a safe home environment and use your devices efficiently and vigorously, with this Power Perfect Box offered by eleEOS. The product is currently being shipped within the US and Canada. Previous users are also leaving their positive feedback about the company and this product. Make sure to bring your attention to it, and if you have any additional questions eleEOS would be glad to answer them for you.

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