Electrical Skateboard Backpack to Carry your Bag and Yourself

Everybody knows, what is heavy bag, full of books or other things. With MOVPAK electrical skateboard backpack you don’t need to take unmanageable backpack on your shoulders. You can carry your bag and yourself at the same time.

It is so easy to use it! Just pull a handle and the electronic skateboard will appear quickly. This board can pick up speed up to 20 miles per hour. When you get a board, the backpack doesn’t disappear, so it will place on the tail end of the board. It will keep board balanced.

The bag is really capacious. It can hold up to 35 liters of your possessions. Actually, it is a bit heavy, Movpak weighs 17 pounds (7.7 kg) empty. But the producer solves this problem: there’s a pop-out handle, so you can drag it like a wheeled suitcase.

It is a perfect backpack for students. You would not be late for classes again! Movpak can carry all your heavy books while you will ride to the campus on board with an awesome electric motor.

Movpak will also be equipped with a charger for your iPhone, headlights, GPS and bluetooth speaker to talk to Siri or Google. You are able to control the speed with the remote control.

Movpak is a perfect bag for everyone, who hates heavy bags. Movpak – is a breakthrough to carry all your needs and deliver you to the right place quickly.

Electrical Skateboard Backpack