Household Wireless Electric Water Spraying Automatic Sweeper

Wireless automatic sweeper is a super powerful device that can make your house shine. It supports three various usage modes: cleaning, waxing and mopping. All of them feature wet and dry dual use, which means that you will solve three problems with just one gadget. It is equipped with water storage tank, which feeds water to the surface cleaned through a spraying device on the end of the sweeper, which makes washing easy and comfortable.

Also, the front end of the base is equipped with two led lamps, which will allow you to see everything even if you are working with the dark places (under bed, behind the door, etc). The device possesses 2000mAh Li-ion battery which makes it long-lasting. And, as mentioned earlier, it is wireless, therefore, you will not be restricted by anything.


    • Dry and wet cleaning, waxing, mopping
    • Suitable for the flat floor: wood floor, tile, marble
    • Storage tank
    • front LED lamps for illumination
    • Built-in 2000mAh Li-ion battery
    • Charging time: 2.5h

Wireless Electric Mopping Machine
Rotation Water Spraying Automatic Sweeper

Water Spraying Automatic Mops Sweeper

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