First Eco-friendly Smart Battery-free Electric-free Toothbrush

There are many different electric toothbrushes on the market, to provide you with that beautiful, clean smile! We would like to introduce to you a unique First Eco-friendly Smart Battery-free Electric-free Toothbrush that is one of a kind on the market.

This toothbrush is known as the Be. Be stands for Beyond Electric. It is made to not have any cables, batteries and so on. All that one needs to do, in order to brush their teeth every day, is to grab toothpaste, squirt it on the bristles, twist the dial all the way around two times, and then hit the power button.

Smart technology that it is made with, makes the toothbrush operate with exact tartar fighting pressure of 120 grams. 80,000 charcoal infused brushstrokes provide with a clean and shiny smile! One of the features that attract many people, is that it is fully recyclable. The heads of this toothbrush are made out of biodegradable material. This all is great, since it does not bring any damage to the earth. Where millions of batteries are thrown out every year, and only about one percent of them are recycled, the rest of them only bring damage and pollution.

Electric-free Toothbrush

Another great feature of this Be toothbrush, is that it is made to be ideal for traveling. The package includes a snap on case, and is made to fit one more extra brush set for the road. As well as that, it is very compact being only 6 ounces in weight, with a height of about 6 inches, which is even 2 inches shorter than most other brushes. If you are interested in this recyclable and unique brush, then you can purchase it for only 49 dollars. The project itself was brought up on the kickstarter platform.