Make Your Child Happy With Educational DIY AI Smart Robot

This wise Infrared sensing toy is an Artificial Intelligence DYI Smart Robot which will make your children feel themselves as real scientists and engineers. It was created for children of 8 years old for them to express their talents and become more innovative. It is made of safe materials so you wouldn’t need to worry about your kids’ health. While playing with the robot, your child will be able to improve his motor and spatial orientation skills.

Educational DIY AI Smart Robot

When fully assembled, the robot will become a fun toy for all of your family. It can follow the owner and overcome the obstacles. And last, but not the least – it is very small and very cute, it doesn’t need to be feed or cleaned after – what a lovely perfect handmade pet!

GE - 893 Steam Education DIY AI Smart Robot Infrared Evades Bonds Walking ABS Child Toy

Main Features:● By using the connection between the gears, the power is transmitted, and when the large and small gears are interlocked with each other, one of the gears is ...

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