Warm Lighting Eco Wireless Charger for Phones Under $30

As most top-rated modern smartphones are equipped with wireless charging support, such accessories are becoming more popular. Moreover, they are getting quite creative and stylish. A great example is Yeelight Wireless Charging Night Light. This accessory combines two features – a wireless charging dock on one side and a night light on the other.

It’s compact and very thin, so it won’t take too much space on the desk. The gadget supports all smartphones with a wireless charging feature including latest iPhones, Samsung and Google devices. At the same time, charging happens fast and it’s totally safe to smartphones as it’s fitted with overshoot and overvoltage protection.

Eco Wireless Charger

The night light comes as additional helpful feature. The light is warm and protective to users’ eyes. Plus, if necessary, the night light can be removed from the charging base and attached to any surface, even vertical due to magnetic suction. The light itself can be later recharged, it lasts from 11 to 24 hours depending on the type of lighting (cold or warm).