Eco Friendly Remote Control 100 km/h Speed FPV Airplane

ZOHD Dart XL Extreme Remote Control Airplane is a great toy for active adults and children. The airplane features an increased XL design, with a 1000mm wingspan. Therefore, it would be able to provide a lot of joy to all of those who have it. The premium gadget is able to fly as fast as 100 km/h due to its high power 1300KV motor. The producer recommends using it with a 3300mAh battery. And if you do so, then the device will provide you with up to 40 minutes flying time.

Best Eco Friendly RC FPV Airplane

Furthermore, the airplane will fly extremely smoothly and react to your commands precisely due to its wings design as well as carefully chosen airfoil. Additionally, if you are a fan of amazing videos, you can install cameras in the nose of the aircraft, and it is suitable for a lot of different devices. And in case of accident, do not worry, the nose is made of hard materials to protect your camera gear. Finally, the RC aircraft is also environmentally-friendly as it is created from biodegradable BEPP.