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Finding the perfect pressure washer to fulfill your needs might be a troublesome procedure. You need to be absolutely sure in regards to the pressure washer’s purpose as you need to receive one that has the appropriate nozzles. If you are searching for pressure washer, I truly recommend Xiaomi Cordless Pressure Washer. This gadget can be regarded as one of the best pressure washer machines because of its powerful superior rate of cleaning or plant watering effectiveness.

Xiaomi JIMMY JW31 Cordless Pressure Washer is your best investment for the upcoming summer, which will provide you with both perfect purity and endless fun. The washer supports both faucet and self-priming modes, which means it can use literally any source of water. This universal pressure washer is equipped with long water lance which makes the pressure reach its maximum ad lets you be extremely accurate.

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Thanks to the variety of modes, pressure washer can be used not only to wash a car but also to water the plants, wash pets, tables or even start a water-war! It is also equipped with five 2500mAh batteries which is equal, on average, the time spent to wash to machines. The recharging time takes 2.5 hours. A pressure washer is likely to make cleaning most things outdoors much easier and quicker.


    • Motor Power: 180W
    • Water pressure: 2.2Mpa
    • Water flow: 180L/h
    • Batteries: 2500mAh×5

Energy Saving Cordless Pressure Washer best price

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