Best Selling Dyson Smart Air Purifier for Big Room

Dyson, a famous company that makes advanced household appliances like vacuums and fans, unveiled the second edition of their smart air purifier called Dyson Pure Cool Link WiFi-Enabled Air Purifier and Pure Hot + Cool Link Air Purifier.

Dyson New Smart Air Purifier front

According to Dyson’s representatives, this smart home device is an even more effective way to make air inside your house clean. The model hosts an improved filtration system with an additional layer of activated carbon. As a result, this device is more versatile. Along with basic stuff, like smoke, pollen or dust, this air purifier is able to get rid of harmful gases.

Dyson New Smart Air Purifier logo

Moreover, the device is connected to Wi-Fi and transmits all information to the company smartphone app (available for iOS and Android devices). The app serves as the ultimate monitoring system of air quality in any closed space. Users can even control the situation remotely. Besides, the app stores full air quality history, so users can analyse it and figure out reasons why air quality becomes worse in certain periods on the day.

Dyson New Smart Air Purifier side

Another interesting feature is integration with Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa. Unfortunately, it won’t be available for first buyers but it will appear later in the Dyson’s app. Pure Hot + Cool Link Air Purifier isn’t very cheap, but still, this is pretty innovative addition to a smart home.

Dyson New Smart Air Purifier