Dynamic Earbuds Hybrid HiFi In-ear Earphones

Headphones are used for various reasons, but mostly by everyone. They are used for listening to music, hands free talking on the phone, different audio books and much more. For clear and loud sound, a great pair is needed that is made with quality. A pair that we have observed in this review is the KZ ZSR Dynamic Earbuds Hybrid HiFi In-ear Earphones.

These earphones are modern in design. They are offered in a green or in a black color. Green color is of an emerald shade, stylish and trendy, while black is neutral and sleek. In ear design, is made to fit your ear tightly, with the slightly rotated design. You can wear them without the fear of them falling out, which is very uncomfortable. Once you place them in your ear, move the wire onto your ear and to the back for the most comfort. The earphones themselves are extremely light in weight, being only 21 grams, and made out of plastic material.

Hybrid HiFi Earphones

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Another great feature of these KZ ZSR hybrid earphones is that they are noise cancelling. Foreign sounds will not be heard, only the beautiful sound of your favorite music. Low frequency performance of 10 to 40KHz provides with the great sound. The frequency also corresponds with the 112dB noise sensitivity. Strong bass is brought with the CCAW four layer coil.

The cable on these earphones, which is 1.23 meters in length, is standard 0.75mm with a gold plated plug. It can easily be removed for replacement, or with a Bluetooth module, they can be enjoyed wirelessly. KZ ZSR hybrid earphones are also offered on the market with a microphone or without. If you choose the microphone option, it will be included on the wire with a double capacitor design. It makes it easy to talk on the phone with your hands being absolutely free. Voice on the other end is sure to be clear and loud.

KZ ZSR hybrid HiFi earphones are affordable in price and are even more reasonable without the microphone, for those who do not need it. They are durable and light in weight, with a comfortable design and trendy color options.

Dynamic Earbuds Hybrid HiFi In-ear Earphones

KZ ZSR Hybrid HiFi Earphones