Dual Filtration Smell Remover Car Air Purifier

Automobiles are the most used form of transportation. We all spend plenty of our time in them. As we all know, vehicles tend to pollute the air the most, and it is not a surprise that we breath it all in. Different dangerous particles ruin our overall health. It is vital that we breath fresh and uncontaminated air at all times. In this review, we are going to observe an item that will help you obtain the pollution free atmosphere, the Dual Filtration Car Air Cleaner Smell Remover Car Air Purifier.

This vehicle air purifier is offered on the market with a very attractive and quite unique design. It is of a circular shape, rather flat looking. Color of this item is both white and black, a combination, which looks trendy and neutral at the same time. In size it is about 19.00 x 19.00 x 6.50 cm, with the weight being 548 grams.

Vehicle Smell Remover Car Air Purifier

Vehicle Smell Remover Car Air Purifier,
HEPA filter + activated carbon filter Air cleaner

Turning it on is easy, as it is powered with a car charger. Once it is plugged in, this air purifier will help you in abolishing different odors and even eliminate the dust that tends to collect on your panel. With the generator built in, it speedily and with quality produces negative ions. HEPA filter with activated carbon helps pick up and absorb all harmful particles.

The concentration is 8 million per cubic centimeters, while the apply space is 3 to 9 cubic meters. One can also regulate the speed of the fan, depending on their preference.

Built in sensors, help detect the quality of the present air. Once the quality is detected, the LED display on this purifier will share with you. When the light is green, you can be sure that the air is of good quality, blue stands for medium quality and the red is for poor air quality. When it is working, the air purifier has a noise level of less than 45dB. This way, it will not cause any disturbance.

This Vehicle air purifier is a great item to have. It is important to have clean air, and with this item it will be possible. It is compact, quiet, durable and high quality. Price is also reasonable!

Dual Filtration Car Air Cleaner
Smell Remover Car Air Purifier

Smell Remover Car Air Purifier