Great 2018 Underwater Drone for Diving Fans and Travelers

Have you ever heard of an underwater drone? Well you probably have, but have you ever seen a consumer underwater drone that goes up 150m (492ft) deep into the water? Probably not, because Titan is the deepest diving underwater drone to date! Whether you are a drone enthusiast, an educator, a scuba diver or just someone who wants to have fun, can use Titan Underwater Drone to capture cool marine life pictures and videos.

To capture high quality images and videos underwater, everything must be top-notch, and that’s exactly what Titan has. With the 4k UHD camera, color correction dive lenses, and 3000LM lights it pretty much guarantees high quality footage. Aside from capturing great images it is also extremely durable. It has 6 thruster that are guided by an accurate steering algorithm, which allows it to withstand the deep sea and its strong currents. Titan Underwater Drone comes with a lot of other exciting add-on features for different diving purposes.

Best Drone for Diving Fans

It comes with an Accessory Extension Kit that includes a sonar, a robotic arm, an underwater microphone, an extension port and other accessories. With these add-on accessories you can even live broadcast underwater and other things you thought you couldn’t do! However, a not-so-portable drone and a load of add-on accessories aren’t exactly the easiest things to carry around, especially if you travel a lot. Well, you wouldn’t have to worry about that, because Titan also come with a rolling, wear-resistant suitcase. While it wouldn’t be the lightest gadget to carry around, but it will definitely be safe in the case while traveling. Visit the project page on Kickstarter (image source) to learn more.