Driver Safety Smart Bracelet STEER

Every year, more than 300,000 accidents occur on the roads, the main cause of which is the fatigue of drivers behind the wheel. Approximately in 25% of cases the driver simply falls asleep, which leads to very tragic consequences. That’s why the Latvian company Creative Mode decided to create the STEER smart safety bracelet for drivers having launched it on Kickstarter. And here is brief review. This small safety gadget will prevent drivers from falling asleep when they are tired.

Drivers Safety Accessory

The bracelet is equipped with sixteen sensors that monitor heart rate and electrical conductivity of the driver’s skin in real time. If the device detects that the driver’s fatigue has reached a life-threatening level, the bracelet will give a slight electrical shock to his hand. That would be quite enough to wake the driver up and make him more focused.

In fact, the company’s researchers studied various ways to stop the driver from falling asleep. The STEER bracelet turned out to be much more effective than others, like coffee, loud music or smoking. This device just monitors the body condition of the driver and protects him from danger. A single charge of the battery will last for 2 weeks of use.