DotStone LED Strip Lights that Change Colour and Sync with Music

When you go to dance clubs, it’s usually pretty dark, there’s loud music playing and numerous flashing lights illuminate the dance floor in rhythm with the music. But why go to any clubs when you can have your own party house? Dim the lights, turn on some music and the party begins. But there is an interesting product that will transform a regular party into an unforgettable event. This is Music LED Strip Lights by DotStone.

This item looks like some kind of a Christmas decoration. Of course, it can be used for that as well but it has many other applications. But what makes these lights so attractive?

Music Sync LED strip

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First of all, these light strips don’t just shine in the dark – they can change colors. There are 16 of them for different events and purposes. Whether you’re organizing an indoor or an outdoor event, you’ll always have enough light. Besides, using a special controller, you can always change the color, adjust its brightness (11 different levels) or choose another mode (the lights can blink, strobe and dim).

As we’ve mentioned in the beginning, DotStone Strip lights are perfect for parties. In fact, they are perfect for any event that includes music. This is because this product has a cool feature – it syncs with music and illuminates accordingly. Without any controllers, mobile apps or Bluetooth connections, the lights adapt to the music like a chameleon adapts to its surroundings. Depending on the genre of music, the colors will change to follow the rhythm or the melody. Obviously, an upbeat dance song will be accompanied by bright and flamboyant colors while a slow song will be met with something warmer, calmer and more peaceful. The pace of color changing can be also regulated by the controller. The remote has 20 buttons for different colors, adjusting brightness and changing the speed of shining lights.

music changing led strip light

Although we’ve been talking a lot about clubs, DotStone strip lights can be used in many other areas. The strips are flexible, so it’s possible to curve them in any way you want. Plus, users can cut every 3 LEDs with scissors if a smaller piece is needed. Due to the adhesive tape on the back, the lights can be attached anywhere you want. For example, they would serve as a fantastic decoration element for holidays. Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Thanksgiving or somebody’s birthday, a bit of beautiful illumination would be very appropriate and quite enjoyable. Besides, the lights are extremely low-heat, so they are safe even if children touch them.

Another way to use these LED strips in your house is to add some light to dark places, like a garage or a basement. DotStone strips lights are also a great choice for outdoor use. They are water-resistant, so they can’t be harmed by rain. So, if there is a wedding outside, these lights will do a great job at providing romantic illumination.

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Purchase DotStone LED Strip Lights on Amazon store.

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Lastly, DotStone actually offers two types of its strip lights. The first one comes with a 12V power supply, so it has to be connected to power outlet. The other one is a bit more versatile – it has a 5V voltage and has a USB connector, so it’s powered from mobile devices, like PCs, laptops, power banks. If necessary, it can be used even in cars while connected to the cigarette lighter. So, if you want to throw the best dance party in the world, decorate your house or just add extra illumination to a dark place in your house, DotStone LED Strip Lights are ideal.

Obviously, they seem like more of an entertainment product but its applications go far beyond that. Thanks to their reliability and a long lifespan, these lights will serve you well for years.

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