DotStone Compact LED Motion Sensor Lights

Organizing a lighting system in your house is quite a complicated thing. Every big room needs to be well-lit, so it requires a powerful source of light, like chandeliers and lamps. That means wiring, installing switchers, screwing in lightbulbs and a whole lot of time-consuming job. However, there’s no secret that in every house there are poorly lit places, for example, hallways, closets or attics. Getting all wires there is even more challenging and simply inconvenient. But sometimes you just need some light in these places. The following is going to help you with that – this is LED Motion Night Light from the company DotStone.
DotStone Compact LED Motion Sensor Lights GOLDDotStone actually provides its customers with two options of this product. They are identical, the only difference is colour: the first one is silver while the second one is gold. Other than that, they have the same features and we’re going to cover both of them in this review.
DotStone LED Motion Night Light is a very practical solution for any household. When you want to install some lighting item in a small room, you don’t want it to be too big and take too much space. That’s why these lights are so appealing – they aren’t heavy or bulky, they actually look very sleek. Both light come in aluminium alloy housing, so they are pretty elegant and even a bit glossy.
Another great advantage is easy installation. Unlike other light sources, this one doesn’t require wiring or screws. Instead, every night light is fitted with 3M tape based on magnets. This is a stick-on mechanism: the magnetic strip on the back allows you to attach and detach this product to and from the surface without any difficulties. You just have to have a metal surface but at least no wires are needed.

Once you’ve installed this night light, you just flip the switch and any room gets illuminated brightly. The product has 100 lumens LED lights. Every corner of any room in your house will be lit with powerful 10 LEDs. In fact, they are also energy-saving – fantastic news for people who want to spare some money.
Also, because it’s so compact and bright, you can just use as a flashlight. For example, it can be a helpful travelling accessory. When you plan a trip somewhere, you have to take a flashlight just in case. But if you already have a DotStone night light, you don’t have to bother with buying another one. And don’t worry – whether you’re in a dark forest or you just want some illumination in a tent, this night light can help you. That’s not really a common way to use this product but it’s just one more facet of its functionality.
So, you’ve attached this light in your closet but do you have to turn it on yourself every time you enter the closet. Thankfully, you don’t and DotStone has taken care of it. These night lights use an advanced PIR sensing technology: it detects any motion at 15-feet distance and turns on the lights. 20 seconds after you’ve gone, the lights turn off automatically. By the way, there are two modes to control this light:

  • AUTO mode – that’s how every basic motion sensor works: it senses movement and lights up. It also knows if there’s enough natural light in the room, so it won’t light up every time;
  • ON mode – the light works all the time until the battery runs out.

DotStone Compact LED Motion Sensor Lights Silver
Speaking of the battery, both items have a built-in 500mAh lithium power source. In Auto mode, the battery can last for 45 days. When used non-stop, it works for about three hours. To recharge the battery, you can take any USB-cable from your smartphone and connect it to a PC. One hour of charging and it’s good to go again.
To sum it up, Dotstone LED Motion Night Lights can be a reliable addition to the lighting system in your house. They provide excellent illumination to poorly lit enclosed areas and can also be used as travelling accessories in a long trip.
Both night lights can be bought on Amazon. Plus, you can learn all necessary information there, like specs or comparisons with similar items.
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