Top Quadcopter DJI Spark Mini RC Selfie Drone

Drones have become extremely popular for taking different shots and even selfies. There are many different kinds on the market. Some are more pricy, while others are more on the affordable side. DJI Spark Mini RC Selfie Drone is a more on the top higher end, but DJI quadcopter made to be long lasting and high quality. Here is a brief review.

This drone is offered in many different colors such as white, red, green, blue or yellow. However, the price ranges depending on the color that you choose. It is about 143 x 143 x 55 mm in size, and has a weight of just 300 grams. It is made to operate in temperatures ranging from 32 to 104 degrees in Fahrenheit. Brushless motor makes it very powerful, and this drone is made to fly for about 16 minutes, with a maximum hovering time of 15 minutes. 1480 mAh 3S LiPo battery charges quite quickly so that one can continue flying.

DJI Spark Mini Drone

It has many great features, such as FaceAware, so that it lifts right off your hand after recognizing your face. As well as all that, it can be controlled with just hand gestures. Amazing photographs are sure to turn out with the 1/2.3 inch CMOS sensor, with 12.0 megapixel camera that has a f/2.6 wide angle lens, and 2-axis mechanical gimbal so that photographs turn out to be stable. Videos turn out to be 1080 pixels, also very high quality. One can also adjust the IOS and shutter speed, depending on their preference.

Spark drone also has many other qualities such as forward and backward flying, headless mode, one key automatic return, sense and avoid, sport mode, tap to fly, turn left or right, up or down, and visual tracking. It can fly up to 50 kilometers per hour in the sport mode, with a maximum flying height of 4000 meters. Through the DJi 4 app, that users can install onto their mobile devices, they can fully view everything that it is recording, edit and share it, as well as control the drone. Through WiFi, the maximum transmission distance is 100 meters, with a height of 50 meters.

DJI spark mini RC selfie drone is a high quality quadcopter, that is sure to take high quality photographs and videos at any time. It is more on the pricy side, but previous users are enjoying it and leaving positive reviews.

Top Quadcopter DJI Spark Mini RC Selfie Drone

DJI Spark Mini RC Selfie Drone