Tipeye DIY Drawing and Printing 3D Pen for Kids

Children often get tired and bored of their previous toys and activities. In order to keep them interested and busy, it is important to invest in different crafts. Tipeye DIY Drawing and Printing 3D Pen for Kids, that we have reviewed, is sure to do the job.

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This pen of the newest 6th generation, and is made out of durable aluminum material to be long lasting. The size of it is 17.2 cm X 2.8 cm, with a weight of 50.2 grams. 0.6 mm nozzle will allow children to draw precisely and carefully. They can adjust the speed from low, medium, to high, depending on the area that they need to fill and how fast they want to make their creation. The temperature that it works at is from 180 to 220 degrees in Celsius, so it is very important for parents to explain to their children to not touch the nozzle.

3D Pen for Kids

The package already includes one 24.6 feet PLA filament, but additional colors and lengths can be purchased. This pen supports both PLA and ABS filaments, however PLA are less toxic, odorless, and much safer for children. The LED screen on this pen, is very convenient, especially for parents. It provides with information on what filament is being used, the temperature, and the chosen speed. With that, one can easily adjust both if they want to.

Drawing 3D Pen for Kids

Tipeye professional 3D pen is best for children that are older than 5 years of age, and it is quite easy to use with the detailed instructions available in the package. For general safety of children, the pen goes into automatic sleeping mode, if it is not used for more than 3 minutes. To add to all that, it needs to be charged by connection via a USB cable, that is also included in the package. For more detailed observations of the pen, and different ideas for creations, Youtube videos are available.

There are many different deals going on for this Tipeye 3D professional printing pen. It is made to provide children with the opportunity to develop their creative side just about any way that they want!

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