Dibea D960 Smart Home Sweeper Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The smart robotic cleaner is specially created for home usage. Powered by D-shape and ultra-slim design, it is able to easily clean to walls and edges as well as under beds, sofas, kickstands. Equipped with built-in infrared sensors, the intelligent vacuum cleaner will detect obstacles and lower speed in advance to avoid collision. Additionally, two side brushes ensure that each and every small particle is removed from the floor. When tangled, the brushes rotate in reverse to prevent any problems. Furthermore, the robot is featured by 1200Pa suction that is very efficient in cleaning, especially small particles and dust.
Dibea D960 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Powered by Lithium-ion battery of 2600mAh, the intelligent robot cleaner will work smoothly for 120 – 150 minutes without charging. The dust tank capacity is relatively big, 350ml. You will not need to change it often. The smart robotic cleaner is also not loud, less than 55dB. Therefore, you will feel comfortable with it working nearby.
The smart vacuum cleaner is suitable for wood floors, carpets, tile floors, under beds, etc. Thus, you can take and use it anywhere. Finally, there are 4 cleaning modes. This ensures that the smart cleaner is efficient and thorough all the time. It will also be able to meet your specific cleaning needs to further enhance user experience.
Dibea D960 Sweeper Robot Vacuum Cleaner will treat you to a great user experience. With its super suction technology, two-side brushes, ultra-slim design, and 4 cleaning modes, the smart robotic cleaner will ensure that your house is perfectly clean all the time. Enjoy yourself while it is doing the difficult job!

Dibea D960 Smart Home Sweeper
Robot Vacuum Cleaner,
1200Pa suction power + 0.35L dust box capacity

Dibea Sweeper Robotic Vacuum Cleaner