Dibea D900 Home Cleaning Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Dibea D900 is another “budget” robot vacuum that one should definitely consider. Here’s the review of Dibea D900 Home Mopping and Cleaning Robot Vacuum Cleaner. It’s weight is 2 kg 600 g. One of big benefit, that you can plan cleaning at any time and schedule the robot to start it at the appointed moment. So you can go out, and before you come back the vacuum would already have clean up all your apartment.
After random pattern it goes to edge cleaning mode by itself and then back to random pattern. That’s really Impressive!

It parks to a doc station within 5 seconds – that’s more than ok as well, very fast and without mistakes. There’s a choice between different modes, I mostly used the third one. I also like the fact that it moves around very fast and silent, and does the cleaning efficiently, at least with little to middle pollution.

Though, it needs pretty much time to clean the device after vacuuming the house. As well it’s navigation can worsen it the robot gets something turned over its turbo-brush.

Also, it’s a little inconvenient that one has to leave about 2 meters around the doc station empty to enable the robot normally park at it. In general, I would say this Dibea model is worth it’s money and greatly saves your time.

 Wireless and Bagless Robot Vacuum Cleaner