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A Guide to Devialet Gold Phantom Wireless Speaker

You may buy one Phantom Wireless Speaker, which still sounds phenomenal and does not have any issues lling huge rooms, but nevertheless, it’ll only operate in summed-mono mode. Last, Phantom is continuously improving with completely free software updates. The Phantom Bluetooth Speaker sounds so sweet as a result of a technology named ADH and accomplish a warm sound due to ADH amplification.


The Devialet Phantom Gold Bluetooth Speaker is among the few speakers in the market which are certified for lossless wireless audio. The number of audio frequencies that may reproduce a speaker is called its frequency response. The 14Hz-27kHz frequency scope of the Gold Phantom is likewise very impressive.

Taking a step back to examine the speaker itself, it doesn’t really look as a speaker whatsoever. A tower speaker is a sizable independent model, capable of reproducing a wide selection of sound. You’ll never truly find another speaker like it. The hottest Phantom speaker incorporates the most recent version of the company’s ADH2 technology.


  • Amplification Power 4500 W peak
  • Sound Pressure Level 108 dB SPL at 1 meter
  • Acoustical Performance Bandwidth: 14Hz to 27kHz (@-6dB)
  • Accuracy in frequency response : ± 2dB from 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Amplification Performances THD+N* : 0.0005% / Saturation : 0
  • Background Noise 0 dB SPL at 50 cm (-15,5 dB SPL at 3m)

Devialet Gold Phantom Bluetooth Speaker

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Choosing Devialet Gold Phantom Speaker

When there’s one particular thing I noted about the functioning of the Silver Phantom is the fact that it tended on the bright side of neutral. In addition to that, it’s play sounds past the human array of hearing , which is actually bat territory. With just 1 speaker, you are already able to have the effective pure sound coming out of the Phantom. Music from all your sources is combined in 1 application together with music from friends that are connected to exactly the same Wi-Fi network so that you can shuffle from 1 song to another or from 1 room to another. It is meant to be shared. In addition, the bass is earth-rattling.
True enough the Devialet Phantom is a fantastic speaker. The Devialet Phantom doesn’t feel so much enjoy a product that a great deal of individuals are likely to buy now which is going to be really cool.