Detachable Folding 3-wheels Suitcase Scooter

Carrying heavy loads of different items for school or work is a daily thing for people of all ages. Children and adults all have backpacks or bags for all of their needs. In order to make it easier to carry, especially those in larger cities, often use different scooter and bikes as a form of transportation. There are many advances, and one that we have reviewed is the iubest Detachable Folding 3-wheels Suitcase Scooter.

Folding 3-wheels Suitcase Scooter

This suitcase scooter is offered on the market in a neutral blue color, that is fitting for mostly everyone. Durable material that it is made out of, makes it safe and reliable. The frame is made out of aluminum alloy that makes the scooter light in weight. To add to all that, it has a stainless steel brake plate, rubber covered handle, and PU wheels.

The maximum load that the scooter can hold is 120 kilograms. One of the great features of this scooter, is that it is foldable and compact. When unfolded, it comes out to be 35 x 60 x 97 cm, while in the folded version it bumps down to 35 X 30 X 52 cm.

iubest IU - QX02 Suitcase Scooter

The suitcase on this scooter is rather large as well. It is 30L in capacity and can hold up to 30 kilograms. Fitting all of your items will not be a problem, and you will no longer have to carry the heavy load yourself. On the handlebar of the scooter, there are two buttons. One button of a red color is made to adjust the height of the bar itself, and the black color button is there for folding and unfolding the scooter.

120 degree rotation is made for the safety of riding and for full comfort. Three wheels are also there for that exact reason. The front wheels are about 12.5 cm in diameter, while the back wheel is a bit smaller being 6.5 cm.

Iubest Iu-QXO2 3 wheel suitcase scooter is affordable and best of all trendy and convenient. It can be used as a form of quick and fun transportation, without needing to carry and additional heavy load on your back.

Detachable Suitcase Scooter