Smart Dental Care Rechargeable Sonic Electrical Toothbrush

If you’re searching for the most effective electric toothbrush for individual hygiene, you’ve come to the perfect location. Offered with a big discount Original Oclean Sonic Electrical Toothbrush would ensure that you stay healthy. The toothbrush features a high-efficiency BLDC motor with sonic vibrations of up to 40000 strokes per minute. This ensures that the head cleans the tooth gaps and removes dental plaque. The brush head adopts American DuPont Tynex bristle and stay rust-free a well as does not scratch your gums. Furthermore, with 3 cleaning modes and 4-grade cleanness, you have 12 different clean programs to choose from. You can customize your choice through the special app and enjoy the cleaning that you like the most and find the most effective.

Oclean Rechargeable Sonic Electrical Toothbrush

This can be done due to the Bluetooth 4.2 which allows the toothbrush to connect to your phone. Additionally, in the same app, you can check the brushing reports such as your brushing time, angles, pressure and gesture. This can help you to develop a proper habit of brushing your teeth. The brush requires just 6 hours to charge fully and will work approximately for 60 days after that. The toothbrush handle is extremely slim, light and simple to hold. This makes the brush perfect for travelling. Finally, with IPX7 waterproof rating, it is totally safe to use. The Oclean electric toothbrush is one of the best selling dental care gadgets.

Oclean Sonic Electrical Toothbrush