DeLorean Unique Vehicle – New Flying Car

New Flying Car

If you saw the Back to the future trilogy, you might remember that the car, featured in the movies, was DeLorean. Apart from travelling through time, it could fly. Now, of course, the idea of time travelling is still far from true, a flying DeLorean is closer than you think. In fact, the company shared the details about its upcoming flying vehicle called DR-7.

The DeLorean DR-7 will receive 4 large wings and a pair of small wings. The device can take off and land upright, like a helicopter. To do this, he has two propellers, installed at the back and the front. According to Paul Delorean (the company’s creator’s nephew) and his interview to Wired, they can adjust the tilt angle in the air to change the car’s direction.

The prototype of DR-7 received the body length of 9.1 meters and the width of 5.6 meters. It has seats for only two passengers. The vehicle can potentially fit in the middle-sized garage for cars. Obviously, the flying DeLorean runs on electricity and it promises to go 193km from a single charge.

The company plans to demonstrate a working prototype of a flying car at the end of 2018. But so far there are no details about the control system, safety and other aspects of this project. We’ll wait and see how the situation will develop.