Dell XPS 13 2021 Review: Is It the Best Laptop For You?

Why you should buy this: It’s the best overall laptop you can buy in 2021. Almost everyone, unless you have a specific need such as gaming or video


Like the popular MacBook Air series, the Dell XPS 13 follows a philosophy of looking to the future and providing simple, easy-to-use, solutions for the more mainstream consumer that has grown up. While it’s fairly slim compared to the XPS 13’s predecessors, the XPS 13 has the chassis design of the MacBook Air and the display of a typical 13-inch laptop. Its dimensions aren’t as small as a MacBook Air, but at 12.5 x 8.9 x 0.55 inches and 2.2 pounds, it’s light enough to carry around. In fact, it’s so light, it’s surprisingly tough to notice the weight — it doesn’t feel like a burden when you’re trying to carry it around. I used the laptop to travel and the handling is perfect. The display, which Dell calls InfinityEdge, can go up to 5 million pixels, which is 1080p.


The Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 Laptop has a new chassis with an all-glass design that has an angular top edge. It’s made out of an ultrathin “InfinityEdge” Gorilla Glass that makes it very slightly bigger than the previous model, but only by a fraction of a millimeter, according to Dell. It measures a scant 4.4 x 3.7 x 0.36 inches, and weighs 2.61 pounds. That’s less than an ounce heavier than the original XPS 13, and more than a half-pound lighter than the Dell XPS 13. That’s not much difference. The XPS 13 4K weighs 1.6 pounds less, and its thickness is .3 inches less. Overall, the new XPS 13 design is sleeker than ever, which is nice. It no longer uses the silver aluminum top instead of the more colorful option of Carbon fiber, but the feel is the same.


This one is a bit of a surprise. The 1920×1080 pixel screen resolution has been used on all but a few Windows laptops since 2013, so choosing to go with something that isn’t using a “Broadwell” Intel processor was a major decision. The anti-reflective NanoEdge screen technology ensures better battery life by reducing reflections while also improving the viewing angle by nearly 50 percent. The bezel of the screen is actually a fingerprint magnet, however, so don’t use it for anything you value. Here’s a few more notes about the screen: Beautiful screen quality, with a matte finish that doesn’t make viewing any more complicated than it had to be. No backlight bleed, even when you’re watching videos.


Dell XPS 13 The Dell XPS 13’s keyboard is the star of the show, and it deserves a full performance report, since it’s usually the most important piece of a laptop’s keyboard. (The big variation in laptop keyboards is in how much they depress the keys.) The Dell XPS 13’s keyboard uses two different key mechanisms. The outer keys (numbered 1 through 7) have a hollow piece of metal in between them that can depress them, with each key getting just a 2mm of travel. There are also more durable springs in between the keys (numbered 0 through 7) which makes them slightly deeper. Your mileage may vary, but they provide excellent travel and a tactile feel that is sometimes missing from keyboards in laptops under $1000.

Trackpad – Why you should buy this: You’re looking for a computer that’s light and comfortable to hold. This has the best trackpad you can find.
Weight – Why you should buy this: The laptop’s weight is just about perfect, and that’s all you can really ask for in a modern laptop.
Display – Why you should buy this: It’s one of the best display in the world, with excellent color accuracy, contrast, and brightness.
Dimension – Why you should buy this: You’re looking for a laptop that’s great for a portable lifestyle, and this is it.
Price – Why you should buy this: It’s far cheaper than the other laptops on our list, but it’s the best laptop you can buy today.
Size and weight – Why you should buy this: This is the lightest 13-inch laptop around and a top contender for best laptop of all time.


If you’re interested in the kind of power that a workstation-class computer offers, Dell XPS 13 is the best laptop for you. We tested it and found that with its 8th-generation Core i5 processor and GeForce MX150 GPU, the laptop is able to play modern games, as well as run heavy programs that might otherwise break your rig. And unlike some laptops, which come equipped with less powerful hardware, this computer has no qualms about powering big games at higher resolutions, and it can play modern games like Grand Theft Auto V and Uncharted 4 at high settings. Speed is also fast enough to download movies in just a few seconds. To top it off, the XPS 13 uses minimal power, and can run for an entire day on a single charge.

Battery Life

All laptops need power, and the current best laptops have a relatively small battery. The battery is always somewhere between too short and too long, so you shouldn’t expect a laptop to be fully charged at all times. That said, all laptops will work best when they are plugged in and working at least part of the time. For some people, this is when the battery life matters the most. In others, it is only marginally important. A laptop with a long battery life will typically run for many more hours than a laptop with a shorter battery life. Longer battery life also translates to greater endurance, which makes the laptop’s portability more impressive. Likewise, a laptop with a shorter battery life will typically last only a few hours on a charge.


The Dell XPS 13 laptop is currently the best laptop you can buy, and this is a good reason. But now that the battery life issue has been resolved, there are some other compelling reasons to consider this computer. So, what makes it the best laptop for you? The specs are pretty standard as you’d expect. However, it features Dell’s high-quality Magic Trackpad, which allows for gesture commands. It also features an 8th generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, which is considered to be the fastest processor for Windows laptops. It’s also quite powerful, and the performance is noticeably smooth even if you play high-intensity games. The laptop is designed with a laser-cut chassis that’s magnesium alloy.

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