Best Selling Defense Shield iPhone 7 / 8 Aluminum Back Cover

At the present day, when your life is in full swing, there are many situations when your mobile can get damaged or spoiled. Since you cannot take control over everything that is going on in your life, leave it to the gadgets and accessories that are meant to make our life easier. One of the best selling accessories is the Defense Shield Back Cover created especially for the iPhone 7 / 8 and iphone 7 / 8 plus. Enclose your device in this case and be sure that it is properly protected from both falls and scratches.

Unlike many other regular cases that are made of plastic, this Apple device accessory features a see-through rubber bumper that should be wrapped around your mobile first and military-grade metal frame that is worn over the rubber lining at the end.
From now on, your iPhone will stay safe and sound even if you accidentally drop it on a concrete surface. A clear bumper will still allow you to show off the color of your device.

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Defense Shield Case for iPhone 7

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Since the metal frame isn’t able to protect the screen of your smartphone from scratches, an oversized raised lip was created with this purpose. There is nothing hard about dressing your iPhone in this snap-on case since it doesn’t require any special skills or tools. All you need is two hands and a few seconds of your time.
The case is available in four different colors for you to choose the one that matches your phone color best.

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