Coupon Deals Programmable Gaming Mouse with RGB Backlight

Rocketek Macro Programmable Wired Gaming Mouse with RGB Backlight equipped with a 16,400 dpi high-precision laser sensor, this 19-mmo-optimized buttons with keyboard and mouse, as well as 5 memory profiles and 8-piece weight adjustment set between the slider balance.

Rocketek Macro gaming mouse backlight

Combine standard left and right mouse buttons with programmable buttons and this all adds up to 19 buttons. Rocketek Venus MMO Game mouse driver software easily arrange key bindings and character abilities for any game, providing full remap and putting macros for all 19 buttons.

Maybe you prefer different weights for different games? Use the special weight system to match the unique gameplay style. Optimize weight and balance center with up to 8 2.4g weights for a personalized feel and better performance.

Rocketek Macro Programmable Gaming Mouse with RGB Backlight

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