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When you’re planning to get the drone, then you have to be responsible enough to care for it. It’s advisable, to utilize it where the wind wouldn’t influence the drone’s position drastically. Both Mavic 2 drones incorporate a slew of smarts for making the best shots.

DJI was one the organization’s first drones to provide a compact body with a fair price. The Mavic 2 Drone has an extremely special camera, it will supply you with images with astonishing specifics and clarity along with HDR-videos with vivid colors however bright or dim the surroundings.

DJI Mavic 2 3-Axis Gimbal DroneIf you’re going to purchase a drone, it’s NOT a question of which brand you’re going to purchase, you’re going to purchase a DJI Drone. This drone is a small beast of its own. Actually, the entire drone supplies a lot more unique features, but the most important one when it concerns the controller is OcuSync 2.

With every one of these new design elements, this drone is believed to fly for approximately 31 minutes. The very first generation drone proved to be a compact one, but due to demand from the consumers, the engineers produce a new style.

DJI Mavic 2 Drone


    • Folded dimension: 214 x 91 x 84 mm
    • Unfolded dimension: 322 x 242 x 84 mm
    • Diagonal Distance: 354 mm
    • Max Ascent Speed: 5 m/s (S-mode)
    • 4 m/s (P-mode)
    • Max Descent Speed: 3 m/s (S-mode)
    • 3 m/s (P-mode)
    • Max Speed (near sea level, no wind): 72 kph (S-mode)
    • Max Service Ceiling Above Sea Level: 6000 m
    • Max Flight Time (no wind): 31 minutes (at a consistent 25 kph)
    • Max Hovering Time (no wind): 29 minutes
    • Max Flight Distance (no wind): 18 km (at a consistent 50 kph)
    • Max Wind Speed Resistance: 29–38 kph
    • Max Tilt Angle: 35°(S-mode, with remote controller) 25° (P-mode)
    • Max Angular Velocity: 200°/s
    • Operating Temperature Range: -10°C – 40°C
    • Operating Frequency: 2.400 – 2.483 GHz
    • 5.725 – 5.850 GHz
    • Transmission Power (EIRP): 2.400 – 2.483 GHz
    • FCC: ≤26 dBm
    • CE: ≤20 dBm
    • SRRC: ≤20 dBm
    • MIC: ≤20 dBm
    • 5.725-5.850 GHz
    • FCC: ≤26 dBm
    • CE: ≤14 dBm
    • SRRC: ≤26 dBm
    • Internal Storage: 8GB CAMERA
    • FOV: about 83°(24 mm); about 48° (48 mm)
  • Takeoff Weight: 905g

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DJI Mavic 2 3-Axis Gimbal Drone Discount

DJI Mavic 2 Drone Zoom 3-Axis Gimbal
1/2.3″ CMOS Sensor 2x Optical Zoom 48MP
Super Resolution Photo Foldable RC Drone

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