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Have you always dreamed about becoming a crazy guitarist? Or at least play some instrument? Then consider the Xiaomi Populele USB Smart Ukulele. This is a very good learning instrument for beginners but also for amateurs. Equipped with power-saving LED light for easier learning and Bluetooth or USB connection to output the audio. The LED light can show the play locations and the beginning learner can follow through it.

The APP that comes with ukulele allows you to learn to play without expensive teachers. There are videos, tutorials, games available in the app so you will never feel bored. The are a lot of songs available, you can be sure that you will pick the one you like. Nylon strings are very smooth, they will not hurt your fingers. The ukulele is a perfect learning tool: just spend 15 minutes per day and soon you will be able to impress your family with a concert.

    • Tuition-free: APP teaching
    • Interesting learning: video show + live guidance + game mode, and more
    • LED guidance of locations
    • Multifunctional
    • Size: 23 inch
    • Strings: Italian Aquila nylon strings
    • Material: A++ spruce panel and European maple
    • 2.5 hours charging time
    • Lighting time: about 10 hours
    • micro USB charging port
    • Fretboard material: ABS
    • 800mAh lithium battery

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